Duration of exhibition: until 21 March 2015

Eun Nim Ro
Eun Nim Ro, Südsee-Träumen, 2013
Acryl auf Leinwand, 40,5 x 30 cm

We would like to draw your attention to our current exhibition MEIN KOPF IST MEIN SPIELPLATZ (“My head is my playground“) by EUN NIM RO, who has just won the 18th KBS Global Korean award. The South Korean-born artist, who lives and works in Hamburg and Michelstadt, succeeds time and again in freeing herself from the burden of „acquired knowledge“ when painting. She is convinced: „Good art calls for purity. It can only come alive when complexity has been abandoned – when simplicity has taken over.“ Seeking this state, Eun Nim Ro casts her motives on paper, falling back on childlike, playful structures of perception. This becomes particularly obvious in her seemingly calligraphic brush-and-ink drawings on mulberry paper, which – shapeable when wet - the artist employs rather as a material of its own than as a mere paper medium. But also with her works on canvas - usually more colourful and composed of several layers of painting material - she retains a stunning simplicity, helping us to reactivate a straight, immediate and physically palpable rather than intellectually comprehensible approach to Creation.