Part 1: Selected Works

Grand opening to OPEN ART 2014 on Friday, 12 September 2014 at 6 p.m.
Duration of exhibition: until 18 October 2014

Asger Jorn
Asger Jorn in München, 1958
Foto Archiv Galerie van de Loo

Before his first painting visit, Asger Jorn wrote in 1957 to the young gallery owner Otto van de Loo: “I am very happy about the possibility to have pictorial orgy in Munich.” With this a momentous story took its course. Jorns presence in Munich shaped the local art development with his figurative-expressive style and his enthusiasm for artists’ collectives like no other. His painting has meanwhile been established internationally. His great influence in Munich is, however, still underestimated. Today – on the hundredth birthday of the Danish painter and cofounder of the group CoBrA – we would like to celebrate him with an exhibition of selected works, which for the most part have been created in Munich. The exchange with young artists was always very important for Jorn. In turn, his works play a great role for artists working today.

The second part of our homage to Jorn starting on 2 October will take this fact into account. Beginning in October, Jorns works will also be displayed in the Kunsthalle Emden and in the Museum Lothar Fischer in Neumarkt.

Exhibition TILLYKKE MED FØDSELDAGEN, ASGER JORN! Part 1: Selected Works
12 Sep 2014 – 18 Oct 2014

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23 Oct 2014 – 17 Jan 2015